Hello Cat World!

Hello, I’m cupkitten. I make sweet cats in cups. To read my story and why I do Cupcats, please join our Discord and join to the community.

Almost everything about Cupcats decided with community members, you can find details below!


A message from cupkitten

Idea of Cupcats are come to my mind while I was talking with my boyfriend (catfish) about I wanted to buy a muffin pan. I really like cupcakes and muffins, and I have too many cats. I wasn't planning to create an NFT collection but I learned a lot because catfish always tell me stories about crypto and NFT space, I got interested in NFTs, and thought "Maybe I can make a series, and if I create something as sweet as I want, people might like it." I want to save my life, that's true, but I never wanted to do that by donations. I wanted create something valuable and I really hoped that people really like Cupcats. Thanks to Andre Cronje's tweet, I got noticed, and I'm really grateful for this.

What are Cupcats?

Cupcats are a profile pictures focused NFT collection but that won't be all, Cupcats will not stay as NFTs. With the funds you will help a worldwide shop to be build, that shop will produce cat related products and add value to Cupcats. Shop will not be all about Cupcat products. There will be more than 15 different product categories with more than 100 different products over time. All cat related designs but not restricted with Cupcat designs only. Cupcat shop will also hope to work with freelance designers from all over the world.

September 18th, 2021Release date of the Cupcats
5050 CupcatsTotal supply of the Cupcats.
50 CupcatsWithheld from the sale.
Honorary CupcatsCL, stardust, loomdart, fooo, Cobie, icebergy, Mewn, satsdart, Tetranode, Elmo, Jebus, Pollo, 0xmons, and Andre Cronje
Token detailsERC-721 on Ethereum network, hosted on IPFS.
5% royalty feeDecided by community on Discord, voters choose 5% between many different options.
Commercial rightsHolders have right to use their Cupcats freely in everything. Cupcat Shop will have right to use Cupcats as a part of product design.
Smart contractSmart contract will be shared here once we are live on Ethereum network.


Idea owner of the Cupcats, and the artist. Every Cupcat trait is hand drawn by cupkitten, started in July and finished in September. Even though she is not a professional illustrator, cupkitten learned a lot of things while making Cupcats and improved herself to create a diverse collection.
catfish cupkitten's boyfriend, helping with ideas, decisions, and other things cupkitten can't find time for.
unevenpun Web developer turned into a lot of things. Learned Solidity just to help cupkitten.
Lasalien cupkitten and catfish's friend who knows a lot of things about Discord. Helping with community stuff.
oranJ catfish's friend who is a motion designer. Making animated Cupcats.